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CSIRoad Truckload, LTL, Flatbed, Reefers, and Oversized Application Enterprise Software

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The CSIRoad Truckload LTL module is loaded with features that make it easy to keep your trucks and vans as full as possible including:

  • Customers have the ability to track loads at any point during the shipping process
  • Route optimization for maximizing load distribution efficiency
  • Robust dispatch options that can be integrated to onboard computers to help lower the occurrence of LTL flatbed situations
  • Broad range of financial services for drivers, such as Comdata and many others
  • Multiple options for paying drivers and carriers
  • Ability to track pallets during every stage of a route
  • Assortment of document imaging tools
  • Flexible reporting features that are specifically developed for the transportation industry
  • Seamless integration to Load Boards, SAP and DOE fuel surcharges
  • Website enabling brokers to place bids, customers to track and tender loads, and prospects to get quotes
  • Full complement of report scheduling services
  • Comprehensive business analysis reports, including ranking by past performance
  • Dispatch sheets that can be customized to your business requirements
  • Numerous rating features such as accessorial charges for automated bill rating
  • Easy integration to top manufacturers and suppliers throughout the motor carrier industry
  • Web Access by customers

CSIRoad Software includes a Brokerage module that permits you to easily handle all of the loads your shipper wants to move.

What Makes CSIRoad Software the Right Solution for Your Trucking Business?

At CSIRoad, we make improving your business our business. We accomplish this by developing flexible, easy-to-use software products. We back our software with the best customer support in the industry, helping you get the most value from your customized transportation system.

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