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The CSIRoad petroleum hauler software module is specifically designed to help you accomplish all of the above - and much more. You and your drivers will have the ability to pinpoint customer information and validate which commodities are able to be picked up at respective terminal/supplier locations. Our user-friendly software solutions also provides the seamless integration of Keep Fill inventory management for your customers, so you can deliver respective loads in an efficient and timely manner.

Getting your drivers to the right place, at the right time, with the right products.

Major Features are:

  • Numerous reporting features that can be customized to your operation
  • Route optimization that takes the guesswork out of the route planning process and increases routing efficiency
  • Geo Fencing
  • An app for drivers (MyRig) for Load Processing, BOL capture, and Signature capture
  • Comdata and other financial services for your drivers
  • Online access so your customers can track and tender loads, prospects can get quotes and brokers can bid on available projects
  • Simplified integration to DAT, Tank Reading Services and DOE fuel surcharges
  • Robust options that enable dispatchers to maximize the performance of every vehicle and driver in your fleet, including complete integration to product purchase optimization and onboard computers
  • Complete document imaging capabilities
  • Multiple driver payment options
  • Full range of report scheduling services
  • Dispatch sheets that can be customized to your specific business needs
  • Comprehensive business analysis reports, including the ability to rank by prior performance
  • Unsurpassed rating features such as accessorial charges for automated bill rating
  • Seamless Integration with mileage databases and Mapping functionality.

Our ability and willingness to enhance CSIRoad Enterprise Software with specific customized solutions for your operations has made CSIRoad the top choice for Petroleum Haulers. Our customers also appreciate the fact that our software is so easy to use, and that they can always count on us to provide prompt and reliable service whenever needed.

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