Dump Truck Operations

CSIRoad Dump Truck Enterprise Software to improve your Profitability

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Efficiently using CSIRoad ensures a winning Dump Truck operation.

What Can Dump Truck Software Do for Your Business?

With all that goes on in a hectic work environment in the course of a typical workday, it's easy to lose track of your dump truck drivers. Did they haul away two loads or three? Did you assign five drivers or six to work that demolition job? With CSIRoad, all these questions are answered!

CSIRoad's dump truck applications feature the ability to assign loads to specific jobs and assign these loads to one or multiple drivers, such as in the case with roadwork. After the loads are moved, CSIRoad's integration of ticket billing generates the invoices and calculates the driver's pay.

The CSIRoad Dump Truck Application Module has features such as:

  • Job management
  • MyRig app to get daily dispatch schedules to drivers
  • Redirects during the dispatch process
  • Multiple Commodities per job
  • Multiple sales tax calculation levels.
  • Flexible dispatch sheets for your operations
  • Ticket/Scale integration
  • Robust driver pay options
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Comprehensive billing, including generation of master bills and electronic invoice processing
  • Historical ticket inquiry
  • Document management
  • Warehouse application for aggregate commodities.

CSIRoad is the right solution for you!