Auto Hauling

Moving VINS & Profitably Controlling the Process

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If only auto transportation was as easy as moving cars...

We at CSIRoad understand that moving your customers’ cars and trucks requires more than just putting them on a trailer and sending them to their destination. Tracking is a significant part of the process, ensuring that the right cars get to the right destination for their sale to the end customer. To that end, we created specialized systems within the CSIRoad product to specifically meet the needs of our auto hauler clients. These include the ability to enter vehicle identification numbers on each load. CSIRoad users can then search on these numbers, as well as the load number to determine where a vehicle and its trailer are at any given time. And if that wasn't good enough, the CSIRoad auto hauler system can cross dock a load of vehicles en route to a destination. Of course, flexibility is also important, so we designed an auto hauler system with the flexibility to design rate tables with specific rates based on up to 10 ranges of the number of vehicles on a load.

Seamless and automatic interfaces to the following:


  • Amports
  • CSX
  • Union Pacific
  • BNSF
  • WWL

Direct EDI Integration

  • General Motors
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Toyota
  • Mitsubishi
  • Volkswagen
  • Hyundai


  • Ford
  • Chrysler
  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Porsche

Claims Interface

  • Fenkell
  • Vascor

Third Party

  • ICL
  • Insight
  • WWL

Specific CSIRoad features for the Auto Hauler

  • VIN Decoder
  • Automatic Application of Payments
  • MyRig, an app for drivers seamless integration with CSIRoad dispatch including GPS tracking and Rig Inspection.
  • MyVINs, an app for drivers to inspect VINS and record / document claim data at pickup /delivery
  • EOBR integration
  • Document Management including POD’s

If you're not saying "Wow" by this point, just check out some additional features that can be included with your installation of CSIRoad auto hauler software:

  • Integration through EDI with all major auto manufacturers in the U.S.
  • Tour billing
  • Brokerage integration
  • Customized dispatch sheets unique to your business
  • Route optimization to ensure your drivers are spending as little time on the road as needed
  • Document imaging tools
  • Seamless mileage interfaces
  • Internet access for customers and drivers to post loads , progress , etc.
  • Web page bidding and quotes
  • Expansive VIN Inquiry and search capabilities

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