System Requirements

The best part about deploying CSIRoad in your organization is its capacity to run using software and operating systems that already exist in you organization! The following are our system requirements for running CSIRoad in your organization:


Contact local hardware integrator for a Windows NT 4.0 (or later version) server, network LAN/WAN, and computer hardware installation, including all operating software.


For remote access (WAN) we recommend Citrix metaframe terminal server configuration. Frame Relay, ISDN, Dedicated lines, Internet, or Dial up are communication options; selection of which will impact the speed with which the user can access the data.


PCs: Pentium series (150 mHz or better) with at least 128MB of RAM is recommended.

Server: Dedicated dual 450 mHz processors is ideal - dual processors allow requests to be processed faster (read & write) and the dual processors allow SQL to handle the requests better. If your choice is to go with one processor, please make sure you can upgrade your server to two processors in the future. Other options your server will need include:

  • 1 gigabyte of RAM - Make sure the server allows you to increase your memory in the future
  • Multiple Hard Drives - one hard drive for the operating system & the page file (partition the hard drive), one hard drive for the transaction log (this should be outside the RAID). Multiple hard drives for the data should employ a RAID 10 configuration. The actual data is written and mirrored to these drives. Depending on size consider "file group" structure that would allow more efficient access of data.


Switchable hubs which will reduce your network traffic. CAT5 cable to support faster 100 megabit data transfer speeds.

Network cards should be 10/100 to take advantage of the faster data transfer speeds.

Other Hardware

Monitors: We recommend 17" SVGA monitors for the maximal display area.

Printers: Laser recommended for the majority of printing. If delivery receipts are multiple part forms, we recommend Okidata series of dot matrix printers.

Communication: Support provided via phone or email using the internet backbone.

Other Software

Operating software: At a minimum, your company should have Microsoft SQL 7 and Windows 98 or better. Crystals report writer is a helpful software tool if you want to generate reports or access current CSIRoad reports. Terminal Server in WAN setup.